I collaborated with Berlin based contemporary dancer Sarah Bleasdale to create unique multi medium art for ‘EGO’ exhibition @5th Base Gallery, London.

We used Sarah's contemporary dance solo SMIRK as the basis of our exploration of the female ego.

SMIRK shines a spotlight on a multi-faceted cathartic conversation one woman experiences. It explores the layers of desire, conformity, rules and emotions that come into play when one attempts a sexual identity today, hinting at a potential juxtaposition between personal, private desire and the stereotype of the public face of our sexuality.

I created a painting that captured three different moments flashing over the face and through the mind of the dancer: expressing the complexity of a female sexual ego.

This piece was displayed behind Sarah when she performed SMIRK on the opening night of the show.

SMIRK 03.jpg

SMIRK was an award winner @ the International Solo Dance Competition: Gdansk Festival Dansa, 2016 Poland